Monday, September 13, 2010

Why Won't God Heal Amputees?

Found this website. Seems like someone has put a lot of effort into it. It reminds me of a typical anti-Catholic website. The kind that poses what are supposed to be killer question for Catholicism.The reality is that Catholicism has a reasonable response to said questions but there is no attempt made to interact with the response. The website is aimed only at those who are ignorant enough to believe that Catholicism, or in this case Christianity as a whole, has somehow never thought about questions such as these.

The video I saw actually spent a lot of time buttering up the audience. Telling the viewer, "You are a strong critical thinker. Perhaps you are an engineer or and accountant or a businessman..." Today's reality is that even people who have many years of post-secondary education are often really lousy critical thinkers. They think they are pretty good at finding the holes in arguments. They should be given their intelligence and their level of education. They just aren't. Schools simply don't provide the training in logic that they used to. Modern education is about regurgitating. You don't learn how to question unstated assumptions or spot logical fallacies.

So websites like this flourish because people really buy that religion has overlooked questions like, "Why won't God heal amputees?" Protestant websites flourish because people really buy that Catholicism has never read Rom. 3:23, "for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" and then asked, "What about Mary?" It speaks to the lack of seriousness the people give to religious questions. People will spend more effort researching questions related to football than they will religious questions.

The other thing that is hard to miss is that the God they don't believe in is the God of protestant Christianity. Catholicism has never had such a problem explaining suffering. We have had martyrs from the beginning. We are not embarrassed by them. We celebrate them. We have feast days honoring them. We actually have more feast days then there are days because we have so many saints. Guess what? Even the ones that were not martyred endured much suffering. We don't believe Jesus suffered so we don't have to suffer. We believe Jesus gives meaning to our suffering. We can offer it as reparation for our sins or the sins of others.

So God can heal an amputee but He can do something much better. He can empower an amputee to suffer well and to pray powerfully and to bring about the salvation of many souls. Protestants might talk about an amputee that has been an inspiration to some people. But those are the exception. Much suffering is done in private and nobody will ever know. Protestants just end up appealing to God's ways being hard to understand.

The point is that each of their questions makes huge assumptions about what God is expected to do. Those assumptions are based on revelation about God. So they prove very well the, "Name it and claim it" God does not exists. They prove the health and wealth gospel is a false gospel. They prove the God who is always nice and never judges anyone does not fit the data. Essentially it proves there is false religion but it does not prove all religion is false. But nobody denies there is false religion. OK, on second thought there are some radical relativists who would say all religion is true. Maybe they should read this site.

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  1. Great post.I like the comment on the meaning of suffering.Yeah, who would like suffering for the sake of suffering.I think no does.Excpet to participate in Christ`s suffering.He showed us how to endure suffering,how to offer up suffering.Suffering with and thru the grace of Christ is the most humble way of suffering.

    Peace in Christ !