Thursday, September 16, 2010

More Football

Just wanted to chime in on the story about women in men's locker-rooms. I finally found someone who is sane enough to say it is a bad idea. The NFL and the US courts have decided that when people are interacting professionally that the gender of the individuals should not matter. That works well when the people involved are properly dressed. When those people are naked or immodestly dress it does not work well. The trouble is that reality is not politically correct. People really want to believe that a woman can interview a male athlete in the shower and it is the same thing as a man doing that interview. The female reporters want it to be the same thing. They will swear up and down it is the same thing. The trouble is they are human. Humans cannot turn off their sexuality when they find it inconvenient. They cannot make sex acts meaningless just because they want them to be meaningless.

Now the guy in this link suggests just making the whole idea of interviews in the showers a thing of the past. I like that too. What is wrong with giving a guy some privacy? The press basically don't understand the concept of personal space. But does the league have to take their side? The players basically give up on this. It starts in high school when they basically have no power and are thrilled to have a reporter at the game. By the time they get to the NFL it has become an entrenched reality. Nobody dares say it makes them uncomfortable. The power of political correctness is strong. Today people don't have the language to describe the sacredness of their own bodies. It is seen as a defect to want privacy. But it is not a defect. They are discerning a deep truth about themselves. They need to act on it. This type of pressure does not help.

So pray for Lance Briggs. He will get attacked big time for saying what he said. 

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