Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Blog Thoughts

I have been wondering what to do with this blog. I started it just to get down some of the many things going on in my head related to my conversion. That lasted quite a while but tailed off after a few years. Later I started writing mostly arguments. I like arguing online. You can have much more intelligent arguments if you try. It is a medium that requires at least some reflection before responding and that helps a lot. The problem was that often nobody would come to argue with me. A few time it happened. Mostly atheists would come. Protestants are not typically looking to fight their corner against the best of Catholicism. Atheists are. Many atheists still believe they can defeat the arguments of the best Catholics. So you get them challenging Cardinals to debate. Some have come by here.

What ends up happening though is the debate moves to other blogs. That is fine. I am happy to find a debate that I can add to by presenting the Catholic arguments. There is a glut of ex-protestants, many of them ex-pastors, so those arguments are often already being handled very well. So I end up interacting with atheists and that is fine. I don't understand atheism as well as protestantism but it works good.

Still that leaves the question of what to do with this blog. I wonder about just stopping. I hate to do that. It has become a vehicle for self-expression that I don't really want to give up. I do want to get past arguments. They are a good way to clarify your thinking but they make it hard to be charitable. Catholicism is not defined against anything. It is simply being part of the family of God. When we try and live as a family we don't do it over against another family. We see other families and sometimes decide whether or not to use some of their ideas but we don't depend on anyone outside ourselves for our identity.

So I would like to try and blog in a way that does not have other groups in mind. They still might come up on occasion. I still want to speak the truth in love. But the center should just be the Catholic faith. My initial thought was to try and blog the Sunday gospel. This Sunday is the beginning of a new liturgical year. So it might be a good time to start something new. It can give me something to write about. See how long it lasts.


  1. I don't know what to say, but I've appreciated your posts/insights for some time. I would hate for this blog to shut down. If you're trying to increase traffic/interaction, I suggest you link your blog articles on the blogs that you frequent the most.