Friday, October 14, 2011

Fertility and Pornography

Marc Barnes says a lot of interesting things. One of them has got me thinking quit a bit recently. It comes in point #6 in his post called 10 Reasons The Pill S@#%$. He points out a study that found when you give female chimpanzees contraceptives the males in the community showed an increase in confusion, violence, masturbation and homosexual behavior.
Increase in confusion, violence, masturbation and homosexual behavior? All well and fine, a cute experiment, right? It’s what your average, American, teenage boy is growing up with! The truth is we don’t know exactly what it’s doing to the modern man, but it certainly isn’t something we can conveniently gloss over. We would never look at a chemical that causes cancer in monkeys and say, “Oh, but this couldn’t happen to us! We like this chemical!” And yet no-one seems to be worrying about The Pill’s affect on men. I am willing to bet my life that the rise in pornography-use/masturbation in adult men does not mirror the rise in hormonal contraceptive use by some strange and coincidental accident.
What attracts men to women? There are many factors. A lot only get turned on while a woman is fertile. Fertile women smell different. They talk different. Their eyeballs look different. These are subtle cues that cause men to become aroused much more quickly and effectively by a fertile woman. Women are also more interested in men while they are fertile. It should not surprise us. The church teaches us the God intended sex for procreation. Science is just confirming that.

But what happens when you put a man into a community where almost all the young women are using the pill? Most of what should be attracting him to women isn't there. First of all, both men and women will have a lot less pleasure from the sexual energy of their interactions. Secondly, what remains in woman to attract men will be over-emphasized. What is that? Mostly it is the body shape of a woman. That is still there. So men get overly interested in breasts and buttocks. That leads to immodest dress and pornography. But that is not the way God made men and women. The shape of a woman's body is taking a role that is out or proportion to what God has intended.

What happens when you have a Christian community of young people? There you have men and women committed to chastity. Obviously the woman won't be taking the pill. Women dress modestly. What happens? Do men ignore the modest women and find someone who is wearing less clothes? No. They find the modest women very attractive. Why? Maybe it is because they are allowing their bodies to be what God made them to be. Attractive to men in more ways then we can imagine. Not a constant attraction but in a monthly cycle. It is an interesting dynamic to contemplate. Who does she want to spend time with when she is more attractive? Who wants to spend time with her when she is less attractive?

As a protestant I thought a lot about how premarital sex was messing up the dating and courtship process. This is another way the start of good marriages and strong families has been disrupted by societies decision to embrace sin. The damage is always so much deeper and more widespread than we foresee.


  1. I think one issue that secular society knows is true but sweeps under the rug is that everyone knows intuitively that virginity is better than a prostitute. Nobody wants a prostitute; they know that such is only as useful as toilet paper, use it and toss it.

    The concept of "trashy" is still alive an well, and it's still repugnant to secular society - despite the fact the true definition of "trashy" has become more subjective as society becomes more and more trashy. For example, it's not necessarily trashy today if you're fornicating with someone you're "committed to," only if you sleep around with too many people, and dressing "slutty" means whatever style MTV's women have yet to push the envelope to. But no matter what there remains some intuitive realization that such a direction is wrong, even if they have no consistent application.

    In the end, any normal guy who has some semblance of a man knows a trashy woman is not trustworthy. The same for a normal woman, she knows that a trashy guy will likely betray her. In all cases, such a 'spouse' is ultimately an embarrassment, not someone you want to bring home to meet mom and dad.

  2. We need to be careful about calling people toilet paper. I know what you mean. Married couples do have a hard time accepting past sexual relationships their spouse was in. The biggest problem is they don't admit those relationships were sinful and confess them and ask forgiveness of God and their spouse. They think their spouse should just be OK with what they did.