Monday, January 24, 2011


There is an article on Catholic Exchange about Downs Syndrome. It tries to make the point that children with Downs are "God’s most pure, innocent, and incorruptible persons." I don't doubt that this is true of this person's daughter but my son seems quite capable of getting into trouble. I was lying the couch after reading this article. John came over and hit me in the head with a pillow. I pretended like it really hurt. It didn't. But he started winding up and hitting me with all hit might. When he got me a good one he bust out in uncontrollable laughter. He does not often laugh that loud. He never seemed to tire of this game. It went on for many iterations. Very cute. But I got to thinking about the article. The picture is a bit more complicated. The word incorruptible does not always fit.

There is a tendency for us parent of children with Downs Syndrome to think we know the disorder. But we don't. We just know one example of it. OK, we hang out with more families that have children with Downs. But we still tend to extrapolate quite quickly from our sample size of one. Chloe sounds like a special little girl. I am happy to read about her. But if it shows me anything it is how different two people with the same diagnosis can be.

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