Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sex Education

Catholicism is offensive. Ken Howell found that out when he tried to teach sexual morality in a class about Catholicism. His university fired him. That is sad. He was doing a lot of good there. But we need to understand the church does not grow without martyrs. He was calmly and rationally explaining why the church teaches certain sexual acts are immoral. He wasn't even using religion. He was just appealing to natural law. But these arguments are powerful. Not everyone will react to such power with charity. So much of the establishment has already committed to defending positions that such arguments expose as wrong.

Schools understand the importance of teaching children to think morally. They teach them not to use drugs. They teach them to take care of the environment. They teach them to respect each other. Generally schools teach pretty good morals and moral reasoning skills.

Somehow when it comes to sex everything changes. Suddenly teaching morals is impossible. Morals are now assumed to be irrational and subjective. The subject should not even be brought up. Kids should figure out sexual morals for themselves. In every other area of life we are happy to pass on the wisdom of previous generations. In this one area we just think that is immoral. But we can't tell you why because that would involve a question of sexual morality.

So a guy like Ken Howell comes along and lets the cat out of the bag. He tells students that people have been thinking about sex for a long time. Some of their ideas are pretty good. There are solid reasons to believe they will lead to better choices around sex. That will lead them to have stronger families. They don't even have to believe in God. They just need to believe there should be consistency between the way we are made and the way we act. It is like looking at the Gulf of Mexico and saying it is immoral to spill oil into it because it was not made that way and the spill disrupts the natural processes that are meant to take place. The same logic can be applied to sex and family life. Figure out what was meant to be and don't mess it up.

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